1. To safeguard and promote the interests of Padmashalis in various walks of life, inclusive of educational, technology, industrial, commercial, professional, social, religious and cultural fields etc.
  2. To promote all round progress and development of the Padmashali Community in  particular and of all other weaker sections of the Society in general.
  3. To promote and strengthen the National Integrity and Democracy.


The following among the other, shall be the duties and functions of Kendra Sangham.

  • To collect and cause to collect the particulars of Padmashalis residing in various places in the Country and abroad and assimilate the same and strive to bring them in the streamline of community services.
  • To promote or cause to promote Padmashali community organizations at various levels through the Prantiya Sanghams and Kendra Shasita Sanghams.
  • To promote and encourage the women and youth activities, social and cultural organizations, educational institutions, industrial and commercial organizations, agencies and trade unions etc., Functional bodies and their activities wherin the interests of padmashalis are involved.
  • To celebrate and encourage to celebrate Padmashali Kula Daivams Jaynthi Utsavams of Shri Markendeya Maharshi on Maghashud Thrithiya and shri Bhavana Maharishi on Vyshak Sudh Panchami.
  • To collect information and make available the same to Padmashalis in respect of various schemes and facilities extended by the Government, Semi-Government and other Agencies with regard to better avenues of employment or other  better livelihood in industrial, commercial and other fields and also with regard to the social fields; and encourage, Pahmashalis to avail such opportunities individually, severally and also through the co-operatives.
  • To encourage to hold conferences, conventions and meetings at various levels by the respective organizations or organizers with the approval and under the guidance of the respective Zilla or Prantiya Sangams as the case may be.
  • To propagate and publicize directly and or through other agencies and  aids, the policies, programmes and activities of the Kendra, Prantiya, Zilla and Kendra Shasita Sanghams as well as Mahila, Yuvajana and other functional Vibhag Sanghams; and for this purpose utilize all reasonable means including publication of Kendra Sagham’s mouth organs under suitable titles.
  • To  associate with or to work in co-operation and collaboration with any other Institution or organization to achieve the aims and objectives of the A.B.P. Sangham
  • To play the necessary role to promote and strengthen the National integrity and democracy.
  • To raise and utilize funds, acquire, utilise and dispose off properties for the purpose of the A.B.P. Sangham
  • To establish permanent Head Office, at Hyderabad and if neccesary Branch Office(s) of the A.B.P. Sangham including President's office, at other places.
  • To appoint person or persons and effect changes in the same for the same purpose of the office establisment, file work and or other specific purposes.
  • To institute and encourage to institute Trusts in respect of properties, for proper and better management, improvemnets and utilizations in fulfilment of the objects for which purpose the properties are meant.
  • To do alll that are incidental or auxiliary or deemed neccesary for the atainment of the Aims and Objects of the A.B.P. Sangham.
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