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With a desire and determination to bring all Padmashalies on one platform and to work for unity, enlightenment and advancement of Padmashalies in all spheres a sincere effort was made in 1921. As a result Padmashalies allover the country were brought to one platform and first All India Mahasaba of Padmashalies was held in Pullampeta, in Kadapa Dist. of Andhra Pradesh under the Chairmanship of Sri Akurathi Ranganayaka Swamy Padmashali. since then so far 15 Mahasabhas were held successfully. The 2nd Mahasabah was held in 1923 in Mangalagiri, Guntur District, Andra Pradesh under the chairmanship of Sri Nukala Venkata Subbaiah Padmashsali. 3rd Mahasabha was held in 1924 in Kanchipuram, tamilnadu State under the Chairmanship of Sri Tadipatri Sreeramulu Shresti. The 4th Mahasabha was held in 1925 in Pedana in Krishna District under the Chairmanship of Sri Chunchu Venkata Rangam Shresti Padmashali. The 5th Mahasaba was held in 1927 in Simhapuri (nellore) under the Chairmanship of Sri A.K. Chengalwaraya Shresti Padmashali. The 7th Mahasabha was held in 1939 in Ahobilam (Kurnool Dist.) under the Chairmanship of Sri Davathu Janardhan Swamy Padmashali, The 8th Mahasaba was held in 1941 in Sholapur, Maharastra State under the Chairmanship of Sri Deekonda Sayanna Padmashali. The 9th Mahasabha was held in 1948 in Sindevaye in Madhya Pradesh under the Chairmanship Sri Vaddepalli Vithoba Padmashali. The 10th Mahasabha was held in 1971 in Ahmedabad, Gujarath State under the Chairmanship of Sri Eerabathini Ashanna Padmashali. The 11th Mahasabha was held in 1980 in Bengaluru, Karnataka State under the Chairmanship of Sri K. Venkataramanappa Padmashali. The 12th Mahasabha was held in 1987 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh State under the Chairmanship of Sri Guntaka Narsaiah Panthulu Padmashali. The 13th Mahasabha was held in 1994 in Sholapur, Maharastra State under the Chairmanship of Sri Dasharath Burgul Padmashali. The 14th Mahasabha was held in 2001 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh under the Chairmanship of Sri Durgam Narsimhulu Padmashali. The 15th Mahasabha was held in 2008 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh under the Chairmanship of Sri Vishwanath Narsimhulu Ananthwar Padmashali.

In the course of these Mahasabhas the Akhila Bharata Padmashali Sangham emerged in to strong organisation to meet the aspirations of the Padmashalies all over the Country.

In order to organise and to activise in a planned and systamatic way the Akhila Bharta Padmashali Sangham and framed Rules & Regulations a committee was formed on 9th March, 1987 in the 11th Mahasabha. As a result on 28th March, 1988 the Bye-laws (Constitution) were given a shape. Resutantly with 101 Working Committee members and 16 Vibhaga Sanghams came into existance. The main objective of the formation of the Vibhaga Sanghams was to give importance and involvements of Women and Youth. with subseqauent developments 14 Prantha Padmashali Snghams and 5 Kendra Shashita Sanghams and 19 Vibhaga Sanghams are in the structure of the Akhila Bharata Padmashali Sangham. The Kendra Sangham of the Akhila Bharata Padmashsali Sangham is functioning from the Padmashali Bhavan, Rajmohalla, Hyderabad and rendering service to the padmashalies and emerged as a forerunner to various weaker sections of the Society.


Margadarshak, Akhila Bharata Padmashali Sangham

A versatile personality born on September 27, 1915, in wankdi, a remote tribal village of the most backward District Adilabad in the then Nizam’s Dominion (India), an eminent freedom fighter, a leading protagonist of social justice, humanism and moral values. He was a renowned lawyer practicing in criminal laws for 17 years (1940-1957), 5 times elected member of the State Legislative Assembly (1952-1978). Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly (1957-1960), twice Cabinet Minister in State Government – first (1960-1962) holding portfolios of Handlooms, Textiles, Small Scale Industries Excise Departments, and 2nd (1967-69) Labour, Information and Public Relations Departments. He voluntarily resigned from the ministership on 27th March, 1969, in support of popular movement for formation of Telangana State. Held various positions in Regional, Zonal, State and National level functional / sectional peoples’ organizations, Government and Quasi Government establishments. The Indian and Foreign researchers in their publications recognized him as an international personality. Theologian of his own concept. On 27th September 2010, he has completed 95 years, and yet is quite hail & healthy and active in various public fields. His life events have been exemplarily inspiring.

Honorary President, Akhila Bharata Padmashali Sangham

Sri G. Ramamoorthy Padmashali holds double Post Graduate degrees, one in Economics and the other in Political Science. He is a graduated in Law (B.L.,) and obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Alternative Dispute Resolution (PGADR). He was the President of the State Government Employees Associations and Unions for over 15 years. He served in several Political and Social organisations. He was General Secretary, Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee. He was General Secretary and Working President, Andhra Pradesh B.C. Sangham. He is connected with Padmashali and Weavers movements for over 18 years. He was Chairman, Weavers United Front, Andhra Pradesh and Working President, All India Weavers United Front. He is the founder Chairman of Bhavana Rishi Co-op. Urban Bank Ltd., and was Chairman, Andhra Pradesh Co-op Urban Banks Federation Ltd. and President, Telangana & Andhra Pradesh Multi Sate Cooperative Urban Banks Federation Ltd., Presently he is Honarary Chairman, Telangana State Co.Op Urban Banks Federation Ltd. He is on the Board of All India Federation of Cooperative Urban Banks as Director and on the Advisory Committee and Task Force Committee of the Reserve Bank, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai. He is managing Partner, gante Associates, a stressed assets recovery organisation. He was elected as President Akhila Bharatha Padmashali Sangham on 22-09-2010 and elected on 18-03-2012. He relinquished his offer as President on 09-04-207. He is elected as Honorary President, Akhila Bharatha Padmashali Sangham on 07-05-2017.


President, Akhila Bharata Padmashali Sangham

Native Place: Kuchalapur, Dist.Adilabad, Born at Kinwat Dist Adilabad (now in Nanded Dist.) on 18th December 1951, Now settled at Nanded, Maharashtra from 1993. lnitialy worked in different Municipalities at Kinwat,Nanded & Aurangabad as Coctroi / Sanitary Inspector. Their after joined in the Railways as Health & Food Inspector at Igatpuri, Bombay Division, Central Railway on 16 th April 1977--Trade Union leader as Secretary/Chairman , South Central Railway at Jalna, Akola & Nanded from 1980 to 31st March 2003 and Divisional Secretary, Nanded Division from 1st April 2003 to 31st December 2011 & retired from Railway Services as Chief Health & Food Inspector South Central Railway,Nanded on 31 st December 2011. From 1981 attached with Marathwada Padmashali Youth Sangham at Jalna & become a General Secretary of Marathwada Padmashali Sangham since 1996 to 2011 & ABPS Working Committee Member, General Secretary ABPS from June 2008 to 1st April 2015, Vice President (HO) ABPS from 2nd April 2015 to 8th April 2017, Elected as President, ABPS on & from 09th April 2017.

Past Presidents of Akhila Bharatha Padmashali Sangham (ABPS)

Sri Akurathi Ranganayaka Swamy Padmashali
Sri Nukala Venkata Subbaiah Padmashali
Sri Tadiparthi Sriramulu Shreshti Padmashali
Sri Chunchu Venkata Rangam Shreshti Padmashali
Sri A. K. Chengalwaraya Shreshti Padmashali
Sri Rao Bhahadhur Damodhara Krishnamurthy Padmashali
Sri Dhavathu Janardhana Swamy Padmashali
Sri Dheekonda Sayanna Padmashali
Sri Vaddepalli Vitobha Padmashali
Sri Earabathi Ashanna Padmashali
Sri Kota Venkata Ramanappa Padmashali
Sri Guntaka Narsaiah Pantulu Padmashali
Sri Nomula Swamydas Padmashali
Sri Bhurgul Dasharath Padmashali
Sri Narayana Rao Pitta Padmashali
Sri Durgam Narsimhulu Padmashali
Sri Viswanath N Ananthwar Padmashali
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